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Winsor Primary School

Art & Music

Winsor Primary School is very proud of its singing culture.

Every class assembly and school assembly celebrates cultures, topics and learning through song and music.

Children at Winsor Primary School can receive tuition through Newham Academy and Every Child a Musician.

Music is taught by a qualified music teacher and focuses on listening, composing, evaluating and appraising musical elements. Every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument. Instrument lessons are taught by trained musicians.

At Winsor Primary School, children can learn the recorder, flute, piano keyboard, guitar and violin.

Children listen to a range of music from other cultures and genres and learn basic musicianship.

Some of our Winsor students and alumni have been scholars at the Newham Young Person’s Orchestra. Many children take part in school performances either as soloists or small ensembles and have even used their talents for fundraising.

Amongst our staff there are trained musicians who have performed at our whole school celebrations such as Cultural Week. Our weekly singing assemblies are an important part of building well-being and school unity. Their singing will make your hair stand on end!

Art and Design

As part of our Creative Curriculum at Winsor, we include art into most areas of learning.

Our progression of skills develops children’s experiences of drawing, painting, printing, collaging, textiles, sculpture and photography.

Lessons are taught using different stimuli for their own work; this includes learning about Art History and responding to artists’ work, and using the world around them as inspiration. The use of a sketchbook helps children to develop ideas, analyse and evaluate their thought process and consolidate their skill building.

Children work with a range of media and work in 2D and 3D. Children have opportunities to work with artists and visit galleries to experience art and art processes. There are also art classes for the Gifted and Talented Artist, where they have the opportunity every year to showcase their work at the University of East London ‘Art Matters’ Exhibition.
Winsor Primary School is well resourced in the area of art and design, even having its own kiln for clay work.

Many of the displays around the school show the great learning that we achieve through creative curriculum. Walking down the corridors and through the halls you will experience travelling through time, across nations, cultures and faiths expressed through the creative displays and art work.

Below is a link to the art overview for Y1-Y6.

Art Curriculum Overview and Units Y1-Y6