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Winsor Primary School


Winsor Primary School is very proud of its singing culture.

"Music and rhythm find their ways into the secret places of the soul"


Our school assemblies celebrate cultures, topics and learning through song and music.

Children at Winsor Primary School receive tuition in small groups at break times, lunch times and after school to unlock and develop their skills on playing, reading and composing music using different instruments.

Music is taught by a qualified music teacher and focuses on listening, composing, evaluating and appraising musical elements. Every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument. At Winsor Primary School, children can learn the recorder, flute, piano keyboard, guitar and violin. Children listen to a range of music from other cultures and genres and learn basic musicianship. Children from all abilities are encouraged to be creative while  immersing themselves in the universal language of music. 

Some of our Winsor students and alumni have been scholars at the Newham Young Person’s Orchestra. Many children take part in school performances either as soloists or small ensembles and have even used their talents for fundraising.

Amongst our staff there are trained musicians who have performed at our whole school celebrations such as Cultural Week. Our weekly singing assemblies are an important part of building well-being and school unity. Their singing will make your hair stand on end!


Art is an integral part of our balanced curriculum as it is a vehicle for creativity and expression.

"Creativity takes courage"

Henri Matisse

Our Art curriculum is designed carefully to ensure all pupils are able to revisit and develop skills they have practised previously as well as have access to learning about artists.

 Having assessed the multiculturality of our Winsor community, as well as the requirements of the  National curriculum in England: art and design programmes of study,  we have handpicked artists from a range of different backgrounds, time periods and age groups.  By using an array of artists, pupils should be familiar with a plethora of art forms which include drawing, painting, collage, textiles, sculpting and digital media. The curriculum is designed to inspire pupils’ wonderment about different artists, styles and mediums. 

High quality teaching at Winsor equips the pupils with the knowledge and skills to be able to produce high quality work that has taken on a particular style. The structure of the lessons taught around the school is similar to that of Winsor’s other subjects in the sense that each lesson starts off with retrieval practice of learning from previous weeks, terms and years. It also allows several opportunities for live feedback, self evaluation and the opportunity to improve. Each topic studied allows a minimum of one lesson for the children to evaluate the piece they have created so far, thus allowing reflection and discussion about what they could do next time to improve their work. Since they revisit a similar journey of topics each year, they are able to increase the quality of their work each time.

Children work with a range of media and work in 2D and 3D. Winsor Primary School is well resourced in the area of art and design, even having its own kiln for clay work. Many of the displays around the school show the great learning that we achieve through the curriculum. Walking down the corridors and through the halls you will experience travelling through time, across nations, cultures and faiths expressed through the creative displays and art work.

Below is a link to the art overview for Y1-Y6.

Art Curriculum Overview and Units Y1-Y6