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Winsor Primary School

Geography & History

The History and Geography curriculum at Winsor gives children a wider perspective of the world and its people, and aims to develop a curiosity which will remain with them throughout their lives.

In History lessons, children develop a historical perspective.

This includes:

A secure understanding of chronology and key historical vocabulary, how to use a range of evidence to ask and answer questions and how and why different interpretations of the past are constructed.

Children are taught the history of the British Isles from The Stone Age to the Battle of Hastings, as well studying other non-European cultures including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Mayans.

In Geography, Children learn about the physical and human processes of the world. They are taught how to use and study maps and to use key Geographical vocabulary.

Geography gives children the opportunity to investigate their local area and the British Isles, and compare other European and non-European countries. Children are encouraged to consider their place in the world, and their responsibilities in looking after and caring for our planet.