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Winsor Primary School


Pauline Guevara | Assistant Head Teacher

There is something wonderful about working at Winsor Primary School and over the years I have been asked why I stayed.

Firstly, I love how muti-cultural Winsor is, and coming from a culturally diverse background, I felt it important for my own children to attend such a school. I am proud to say that all three of my children have been Winsor pupils.

I came to Winsor for my second PGCE teaching practice in January 1999. I had an amazing mentor, Fiona, and the children were an exciting, dynamic and challenging group of Year 1 pupils. Towards the end of my practice I was accepted as an NQT by Newham and offered a job at Winsor, taking the children I had spent a large part of my training with up to Year 2.

My NQT year was memorable and a fantastic learning curve on SATs, behaviour management, time management and developing relationships with parents and carers. With the support of my mentor, Polly, I passed my NQT year and was looking forward to a career teaching in KS1. During my second year of teaching, I was offered the chance to teach in Reception and eventually Nursery, finding my niche in teaching in the Early Years.

I have developed positive relationships with the families of the children I have taught and I really value the trust that has developed between myself and so many of our families. I have seen many pupils grow and develop, and return to us in Year 10 for their work experience and others wanting to go into teaching because of their time at Winsor. This is a true testament to the influence Winsor can have on those who come here.

From Nursery upwards we strive to give our pupils purposeful experiences which prepare them for the next phase in life. The support from colleagues has played an important part in my career and has helped me immensely in my current role as Assistant Head. Despite my long career in teaching, I feel that I continue to learn and develop as an educator and I am still passionate about ensuring our pupils and their families are first and foremost in our mission to be the difference.

Sue Desouza | Safeguarding & Pastoral Manager

Designated Safeguard Lead

My time at Winsor Primary School first began many years ago when my son started in Reception and my daughter in Nursery. I received such a welcome from the school and the staff, I decided to enrol onto a Teaching Assistant Course and began my career as a volunteer. My love for the school and my passion for supporting children grew and I was offered a job as a Learning Support Assistant to work with the more challenging children. I have never looked back!

Since then my role has evolved over my 19 years here; I have always been encouraged to attend a wide range of courses and I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience as well as qualifications as part of my CPD.

Winsor Primary School has supported me enormously along my career path. With my dedication for helping others and Senior Management’s encouragement and belief in me I was promoted from Senior Learning Mentor to Safeguarding & Pastoral Manager. I am also Winsor’s Designated Safeguard Lead and part of the Extended Leadership Team.

I feel privileged to be part of a culturally rich school in a diverse community. I feel honoured to be part of everyone’s journey in which, staff, pupils and their families are committed and able to move forward. It is an amazing feeling to witness progress and development through the years.

We are very fortunate to have a large and strong Leadership Team, Pastoral Team and Inclusion Team. We have the ability and the resources to cater for all of our pupils and families’ needs so that they can flourish and grow; and all of our staff’s needs so that they can progress forward in their careers.
One of the highlights is when I meet former pupils now bringing their children to Winsor – what a positive endorsement for the school!

We are all about ‘being the difference’



Carla Ferreira | Teacher

At Winsor Primary School we believe that every child matters regardless of their socioeconomic background, race or learning abilities.

Our aim is to ensure that every child has the chance to fulfil their potential by reducing levels of educational failure, making sure that they have a range of experiences and that they grow in confidence. It is inspirational and rewarding to contribute to this goal.

Through training and CPD opportunities members of Winsor staff stay up-to-date with new teaching methods and qualifications. The school offered me the opportunity to gain a Teaching Assistant (TA) qualification and subsequently progress onto becoming a teaching assistant mentor. Being a mentor made me feel a respected and valued member of Winsor, whilst the TA qualification greatly strengthened my knowledge in supporting children experiencing learning difficulties, amongst other teaching skills.

My passion for teaching began through my experience of working with disadvantaged children in war-torn Angola. Despite the challenges, this experience has enlightened me to the importance of how commitment and dedication can have a positive impact on a child’s life. With that in mind, I applied for a TA position at Winsor. What I remember most about that day, apart from my nerves, was the friendly atmosphere where both staff and pupils take pride and enjoy being part of a diverse school community.

More recently, I started a new role as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and I have already been encouraged to undertake my teacher training via the School Direct Programme funded by the school. Winsor’s relentless support and value for each child and member of staff creates a thriving environment where everyone feels safe and empowered. Also, our excellent family liaison and community links are key to building the confidence of parents and encouraging them to take part in school life.

As I continue my journey at Winsor, I look forward to progressing personally and professionally as well as seeing pupils being proud of their achievements.

Ms K Batchelor | Teaching Assistant

It is has been a privilege to contribute to a school which has the community as its primary motivation and I passionately endorse the school’s message to ‘Be the Difference’.

I have been part of this wonderful team for many years and continue to be excited about the progress being made in all aspects of school life.

Sixteen years ago, as a parent of a Winsor child, I was asked to volunteer to support SEN children. The moment I walked through the school gates, I felt welcomed and excited to be part of this wonderful school. After a few weeks I was offered a permanent role and I jumped at the chance. It was the best professional decision I have ever made.

Every day I have the privilege of working with children to unlock their potential and see them thrive both academically and socially. The school has constantly supported me as my role. I am very grateful for the opportunities and encouragement Winsor Primary School has given me over the years.
I am currently working with Newham Speech and Language Services and have been trained to deliver Language Enrichment Programmes to some of our pupils.

Working with the children at Winsor, seeing them progress, gaining confidence to move on, is just fantastic. Winsor Primary School and the team work for the children. Every child matters.

Anna Grzegozek  | Year 2 teacher and RE & Collective Worship Coordinator

This is my seventh year at Winsor Primary School - a school which celebrates multi-culturalism, diversity and has a significant place in bringing the local community together.

I have been always interested in working in an environment in which equality, respect, creativity and cultural diversity underpin the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.

I clearly remember the moment when I came to Winsor: the school made a very welcoming and warm impression on me. Both children and staff members were cheerful, polite and positive. The evidence of the creative and exciting events happening within the school’s environment was noticeable.

My NQT year was a really amazing time- not only I have developed my skills in teaching, managed to complete the Primary Music Education Leadership course and ran a singing club but also I became a part of a friendly Winsor family. We organised a school’s panto together; implemented a memorable cultural week and lots of other splendid events (such as the Christmas Fair) which helped to bring the local community (and us) together. Undoubtedly, team work is what makes Winsor School really special. My passion for teaching began while I was taking part in the European Voluntary Service in a multi-cultural school in Norway. This experience made me realise that working with children gives me a lot of satisfaction. My passion has been developed through a long-term volunteering as a teaching assistant and a playworker; supporting the NTL National Young Readers’ Programme events and, subsequently, completing a PGCE course to fulfil my dream. My educational background in anthropology made me even more interested in working in a very diverse place, such as Winsor.

During my time at Winsor, I have been given opportunities to take on different challenges to support my professional development, such as improving the standards of grammar across the school (e.g. through running clubs or leading different training, both for staff and parents), implementing a new spelling scheme or organising and managing our school’s assemblies. I have been given support and advice when implementing the required changes.

Winsor’s staff members make a great team and, as a team, we work well with the local community through inviting visitors, organising cultural events (e.g. the cultural breakfast) and running parents’ workshops. Our training days or afternoons are based on the principles of collaborative learning and always involve discussion and sharing examples of good practice.

I am at Winsor because this is the school where high standards are really important and where all staff members work together towards achieving them. At Winsor, every child matters and we work as a team to make them feel valued and to ensure that every pupil achieves the best they can.

Unquestionably, Winsor’s pupils make this school a great place to work.

Karen Brown | Teaching Assistant

I have worked at Winsor Primary since 2002 and I have seen how the school has evolved and improved over the years.

I feel that as a school we are focused and on the right path to taking the children on their learning journey till their transition to secondary school.

I am fortunate as my role is so varied: I support SEN children in class during Maths, English and Reading. At lunchtime I support a child who needs guidance on behaviour. During the afternoon I support a small group delivering a programme aimed at their needs. Then I work 1:1 with a couple of children delivering intervention programmes that have been designed by specialist agencies like Dyslexia Support. I also deliver Maths Intervention to children in Year 6 who find the subject difficult or who have been absent and need to catch up.

The best part of my job is when I've helped a child and they suddenly see how to do the work correctly. Their smile says it all. I feel such a sense of achievement as I'm helping that child to grow and learn.

Pooja Patel | Year 2 Class Teacher

Working in an environment that cultivates both positivity and growth as an NQT is allowing me to unlock my full potential.

It is a great pleasure to be part of a school with an ethos that really encourages children to be critical thinkers, strive for the best and have true ownership over their education. This nurturing environment not only allows me to progress the children in their learning, but I myself, have been able to develop my skills further and ensure I become an outstanding teacher due to the multitude of opportunities here. 

Emma Thurlow | Assistant Head Teacher

I am returning to Winsor, as it has a special family feel.

Winsor goes above and beyond when it comes to community based events. The school carnival is one of the school's biggest cultural and community events held each year It has everyone off their seats dancing and celebrating the widely diverse community that the school has.  The school is incredibly supportive and takes on board feedback given by staff. The pupils are enthusiastic and are always willing to have a go. The additional events and activities run by staff  before, during and after school are one of the main factors that attracted me to the school in the first place. 

Rumina Akhtar | Year 3 Class Teacher 

The diversity and cultural unity the school brings with its pupils makes me proud to be a teacher at Winsor.

I feel honoured to be part of the pupils' journey through the educational system and look forward to seeing how I can further develop in my professional career.