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Remote Learning for Self-Isolating Pupils

In the case of a child having been asked to self-isolate by the school or NHS, the School will do all that it reasonably can to continue to deliver educational services, in line with the planned curriculum.

Click on your child's year group to access the remote learning timetable. Timetables are uploaded termly, so you will need to scroll down to the relevant week for your child's year group.

Nursery         Reception       Year 1             Year 2

Year 3           Year 4             Year 5             Year 6

In the event of any whole school closures, remote learning for self-isolating pupils will be suspended.  During such times we will deliver online learning through our Remote Learning platforms for each year group.

Newham Learning Online

The Newham Learning Online Youtube channel has a range of standalone lessons from Reception to Y6 which you may find useful in supplementing the lessons on the remote timetable for your child's year group.  Children are encouraged to answer the questions posed by the teachers or to respond, as the videos are interactive. 

Please make sure your child has access to a pencil and paper to get the most out of the lessons too.

Use the link below to access a range of YouTube videos to support remote learning.  The videos have been created by Newham teachers.

Newham Learning Online